Gotta love products that are well thought through!😜 I must have these!

The Perfect Fridge for Roomates"Stefan Buchberger created this innovative fridge for Electrolux’s Design Lab 2008. Consisting of a base station and up to 4 separate stackable modules, each section is removable and customizable with various skins, a bottle opener and a whiteboard."

The Titanium Escape Ring, contains a saw and handcuff shim pick combination tool

Full-Throttle Coffee Makers - Lamborghini Reinvigorates Good Java Creation

FREUD ESPRESSO COFFEE MAKER...Freud stainless steel items were designed by Lea Dennison

‘Timeless’ has turned into something of a buzzword these days, but it does describe Globe Trotters approach to design in a nutshell. They use an archive liberty print as the inside lining on these ones & they’re called the 1897 because that’s when Globe Trotter was established.

If you’re into handy gadgets that look impressive, the Cyclone Cocktail Mixer thrashes your drinks in glowing style at the touch of a button so you can pound them into submission.

Niche Modern Oculo Group Modern Pendant Light

Guys don’t want to ask for directions, and they sure as hell don’t want to measure. The cube jigger can sit on your bar and look radically industrial, and still save the day when you need to whip up the perfect cocktail ‘by eyeballing it’.

With this very cool "Helter Skelter Drinks Chiller", you can instantly chill a drink with style- this rad looking aluminum spiral gets thrown in the freezer and can cool drinks for hours.

über cool "smeg fab 28" retro fridge. Smeg have released 18 new colours + liveries; including the australian, italian & english flags....LOVE these!

If you want a really unique piece to sleep on, then you should take a look at this innovative model named the Hot Bed. This bed is hand crafted with stained glass & stainless steel & can be bought with or without headboard. (10,500)

Chair Inspired By: Piero Fornasetti

Flashback Friday: Piero Fornasetti | Hues & Cues

Italian Leather Bar by Serge de Troyer

Glass bar tables by "" created to decorate & enrich any space.

Uber Cool Lounge Chair by Philippe Starck – Play from Dedon

I LOVE this cool product! Turns any veggie into spaghetti for roasting/baking etc. Spirelli de Gefu

Limited Edition Wood-Carved Lego Guys by Malet Thibaut

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