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“Beyond Tetris” is the brainchild of Gina Dvorak, a visual news design editor in Southern California. Be sure to check out her website ( and her other blog ( sometime.

1 Hour Social Media Cocktail --- This is a good place to start, but dedicated social media may take a bit more time! Plus, it's important to focus most on platforms where your audience or clients are (for example, Facebook may not merit a larger amount of your time). --- Need help solidifying or implementing social media for your business? Let HugSpeak help! Our personalized services help design and implement the best social media marketing for you.

Flowchart: How Long Would You Survive in a Horror Movie? ("WUT?" ... DED. Comic relief, bro.)

Flowchart: Which Christmas Movie Should You Watch? (Answer: None of these. "Muppet Christmas Carol" FTW!)

Everything you really need to know about Return of the Jedi [flowchart] #StarWars

It's pretty much accurate, what can I say...

What should a curation team do? (A response)

Social Media Month recap: The rest — While the bulk of my Social Media Month challenges focused on the “Big 3″ — Twitter, Facebook and G+ — I also sprinkled in a few sorts of social media tools that took the next step, be it forward or sideways.

. @ResumUP + social media logins = fairly detailed resume timeline in about 10 seconds. Hmm.

Social Media Month recap: Google+ — There’s a lot of facets to Google+ that leave its users intrigued, frustrated, mystified or dismissive — and sometimes several of those at once. Still, it’s a social media worth pursuing, especially for journalists. >> MORE

Social Media Month recap: Twitter — No matter what tweeting milestone you’re approaching, everyone has room for improvement or can learn something new. That’s the thing about social media: Ever-changing. Ever-evolving. So if you think you’re expert already, I invite you to open up your Twitter feed, do a quick scroll down through 20-30 of your tweets, then ask yourself these questions... >> MORE

Social Media Month recap: Facebook — For many of you, it was your very first social media experience. And even though its changes generally spark a lot of fervor among many users, eventually we all just jump in, figure it out and continue being faithful users. Or back away until we see enough others jumping in that we feel comfortable following suit. >> MORE

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