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Products & Decor

Arabesque decorative prints "Eid Mubarak" from modernEID

3 Salam Buttons. $2.00, via Etsy.

6 MashAllah Flat Invitations. $11.50, via Etsy.

4 mashallah cards. $4.00, via Etsy.

Ivory "Moroccan" Table at Horchow. i love the idea of islamic design in light color

Iqra “Read” Bookshelf - Peter Gould ,,letters Qaf and Raa are used .. إقرأ - Iqra,,

Karim Rashid Cali vase, or what I call the Allah vase. Bought it in Dubai in December and finally found a home for it in my apartment. Love.


Peter Gould prints


Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

Simply Impressions , Islamic Decals for your Walls and Automobiles