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Rida N

Rida N

"We are all the same in the dark"

I did NOT know! Mystery Dum Dums are created between flavor changes in batches!

Oh my sweet baby Jesus. Look, guys. Just look! I mean...backpack. It's wearing it. I can't even. I just can't.

New Mommy Diaries: Baby Shower : Food and Drink

  • Liz Frink

    I see Ryan's back to spamming again. Pinterest had deleted his account because he kept posting this same comment on hundreds of pins. To report him, click on his name, then click on the little flag.

  • Ann Joplin

    he just wants people to know the truth. how does it hurt you?

  • Liz Frink

    He's spamming. His comment has nothing to do with the pin. Just because HE believes it's the truth doesn't mean everyone else does. Everyone has their own beliefs and he needs to respect that. He can put his comment on a religious board where it belongs.

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I'm really glad it's okay to wear dark wash jeans with a similarly colored shirt. I think the brown blazer makes it.


Never let your friends feel lonely..disturb them all the time.

Mommy Aurora and Baby Maleficent - Sleeping Beauty

Spider man technically isn't in the Avengers movie... But he's Marvel, so who cares?

Donna's story breaks my heart. Even after all the time we as fans have had to heal, hearing it again brings back the tears and the sorrow for what she has lost, because she lost so much more than any of the other companions. She lost who she had become and the realization that SHE is AMAZING.

  • Miriam Wilson

    Oh thats all right I didn't need my heart today anyways....

  • Rose Tennant

    I personally want to focus more on what Miss Tate is saying. So many people out there really need to see this, before it is too late.

  • Chelsea Robertson

    Rose, I absolutely agree, and that is why her statement, paired with Donna's character is so moving to me. We each have the potential to become amazing and powerful people, but we won't grow or develop into those people if we sit in our rooms and do nothing. We have to go out and experience life, take risks, have our hearts broken, and find that person we were meant to be.

  • Rose Tennant

    We also need to realize that we are good enough. We are good enough to go out into the world and live.

Chubby Babies Cuddle Better - Funny Baby Onesie - Your Color Choice - T-Shirt also available.

Notsomuch for the Pokemon-ness, but for their outfits. Lovely, wonderful outfits Frozen with pokemon

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i love this guy!!!! he looks like a professor of english literature. i'd get this tat for sure. makes me smile