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So I thought this was neat. He got his father's hand print tattooed on his shoulder after his father passed away. I was thinking about a similar thing I could do with my mom in mind but then I realized that the only thing that would make sense and have any kind of meaning would be for her handprint to be wrapped around my upper arm. That's where she'd grab me and my sister when we were in trouble. haha I'd still consider that tattoo.

There's this little place downtown that literally looks just like this when you walk in. Can't go in without spending at least an hour digging through stacks.

Find fun/cool things to do on your way to somewhere.

She's so funny. And cool. And pretty. Damnit.

The Metaphysical Club, Louis Menand

Charles Sanders Peirce

William James' Pluralism: "There is not one way the world must be."