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Make Monstrously Cool Pumpkins from Better Homes and Gardens

Make Monstrously Cool Pumpkins

Believe me Romeo has tried this, it is amazing how they can fit into small boxes.

Baby Cute Little Cats: "Go away...I'm pinning..."

21 Horribly Inappropriate Books To Traumatize Your Children

hahahaha i dont know why i find this so funny.... sorry about the language hahaha

Alcohol Is A Solution - Funny

"MENstruation, MENopause, MENtal breakdowns...Notice how all women's problems begin with men?" #Quotes

Dog Lips (for Sophie's next birthday)

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Cute kid, cute dog.

  • Robert Beevers

    Once a dog reaches this size, it is no longer cute, it is handsome. Or terrifying. Either adjective works.

I laughed so hard at this