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Interesting Stuff... 1st one is wrong though. Gatorade has lots of sodium and it's loaded w/ sugar. It can actually cause headaches and/or high blood pressure if you aren't intensely working out while drinking it. And even if you are working out like crazy, you should still drink lots of water. If you're drinking more gatorade than water (and I'm speaking from personal experience here) you can become dehydrated (despite what the commercials say). Nothing beats good ole H2O

The more you know... - Imgur

A memory Jar.. I am doing this in 2014!

21st birthday present

This made me laugh...oh the memories of 'unique' items rescued from the pockets of little boys (and big boys too)!

Funny Pictures: Awesome Mom Is Awesome

A website where you can find brand names for a cheaper price. Pin now, look later!

50 Rules for Dads of Daughters // Brought tears to my eyes! Someone get a copy of this to my dad STAT!

College girls: If you're in an unsafe situation, hold your finger to the screen. When you're safe, let go and enter the 4-digit code. If you let go but aren't able to enter to code, help will be sent to your location.

At the end of each interview, they'll ask if you have any questions. Prepare some questions about the industry, company, specific role, or even the interviewer! Here are some examples.

Books For Your 20s: Books To Read For Twentysomething Women

We have rounded up some creative and useful life health hacks that you can start trying now.