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Interesting concept - secure hard drive....with a keypad for a code. (Just don't lose the passcode.)

Hmmm... This looks pretty slick, now!! Definitely the phone James Bond would pull out of his breast pocket. But wait.... it's running.....Android. (Too much trouble.)

Totally a fake, but I'm hoping the next iPhone is headed somewhere in this direction. (These mock ups are looking better and better everyday.)

These are bluetooth headphones I might be able to get down with. Definitely thinking about checking these out.

Uncrate showed this gaming controller. I don't even think it has tactile buttons. It actually is probably incredibly uncomfortable to play with. But come on -- who WOULDN'T sit this on their coffee table. A functional conversation piece. Contemporary. Classy.

Strangely I'm attracted to the tech... this is what I believed the future to be in 1985. Instead, it's still a silver black faced Rolex/Omega that serves as a classy chronograph for any occasion. (Go figure.)

This would make the concert recording sound amazing.

I have a cheaper pair. These might keep a marriage together when you wanna watch the summer blockbuster on the home theater while the misses is trying to get some rest.