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Renowned environmental lifestyle expert and Today Show regular Danny Seo shares 100 of his most inspiring projects for creative transformation. Have neglected items around your house? They can be the source for exciting craft possibilities! Turn your old leather belts into a cool doormat (or even a briefcase!); worn-out paperbacks into gorgeous bud vases; tennis balls into a quaint country swing; chopsticks into a handsome trivet, and many more. With full-color photos throughout to guide and in

Loving these paint-tipped chopsticks. The secret is... Dipping the end of plain wooden chopsticks into your favorite colour nail polish! Sushi party will never be the same.

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Make Truffula Trees. Poke around your kitchen and find some straws or chopsticks - any thin stick will do! Then, get some yellow paint from your craft bin and paint the sticks. Allow them to dry completely (you may need a few coats of paint) and then trace black lines around them to mimic the stumps of Dr. Seuss's Truffula Trees. Top with bright and colorful pom poms, securing with glue.

Make a Birdhouse out of a cardboard or plastic milk carton, chopsticks or dowel for perch, twine or bent hanger to hang birdhouse, & craft sticks cut down for shingles.

Make a birdhouse

Easy egg carton boats. She used a chopstick for the mast and curling ribbon to secure to both ends (poke holes and tie ribbon underneath) Cut out a sail from your child's artwork. From Lifeatthezoo.

Egg Carton Craft Idea: Boats

chopstick bracelet!

Living Craft Instructables - Offset 126

like the chopstick stem... solid craft. then paint the flower!

supercozy: Egg Carton Flowers

Another party craft idea: Chopstick wand featured in the book/kit Green & Groovy Crafts: Fairy Crafts

Chopsticks frame Cultural Note: Black photo frames are used as memorials to the dead. If using the frames for children's pictures, chopsticks should be a different color.