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Beautiful Restaurant , Austria

Beautiful Restaurant Street Austria | World's Snaps

Where's the "regulated" in the "well regulated militia" the NRA spouts on about?

  • Ivie Walker

    The problem is these kids/persons have been identified as having mental health issues but no one in the school systems are doing anything to report and act it. They just ignore warning signs. There is to much violence in movies, games, on tv, in print plus church, God and family values that taught proper social values and norm are no longer an important part of society and peoples lives.

  • Jeff Craig

    Mental illness is by definition not rational. Schools do report warning signs, parents don't want their kids "labeled". The US is the only country in the world that allows easy access to guns as long as you have never been institutionalized.

  • Ivie Walker

    I know otherwise they would be sued. I taught school for a while wouldn't do it again to much craziness and that was elementary school. I don't believe in gun control but I also don't believe that the general population should be able to own to the same equipment that military and police have access to. I lived in the country and farming community hunting and guns were common place, never any problems. Only problems we had was when whacko city folks stopped on their way through.

  • Ivie Walker

    Gun control will not stop someone who is hell bent on destruction they will just find another means or an illegal way to access guns. Gun control would just bring an even larger black market for guns.

  • Jeff Craig

    Gun control is exactly what you just described. And if we can make it just a bet more difficult for an unstable person to get a gun, why not? If you can't pass a back ground check or a mental health evaluation, should it be easy to get a gun? Furthermore, when an item ends up on the black market, the price goes way up. This would also keep it out of reach of a lot of people.

Conservative policies cut programs that help the poor to pad the pockets of the rich.

Republicans just doubled the interest rates on student loans. Remember that come next November, Young Republicans.

Mitch McConnell, destroying America one filibuster at a time.

A repin, but in the light of the collapse of textile factories which killed hundreds of people, I think a repin is justified.

475 to 1? Let's make sure they don't have to pay higher taxes.....that just wouldn't be fair!

Why are they making a big deal about Libya...oh yeah, ...

According to Robert Reich, taming future deficits requires three steps: 1. Limiting the growth of overall healthcare costs. 2. Cutting our bloated military. 3. Ending corporate welfare (tax breaks and subsidies targeted to particular firms and industries).

Wise words from Eisenhower. A Republican with a heart and a soul!