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FES blog - Growth Mindset anchor chart in my classroom (inspired by Developing Growth Mindsets in the Inspiring Classroom). Based on things I've heard my kids say… WOW. This is AMAZING!

I can see kindergarten kids loving this. Very cool teacher ideas on this site.Quiet spray has nothing in the bottle but air.

Anchor chart and printable song lyrics for RANGE and MEAN (Average).

First Day of School or Open House

Use non-toxic finger paints and make this Hand and Foot Print Lobster! Great idea from Snails and Puppy Dog Tails.

Gift for parents: pizza box to hold projects in!

  • Jodi Campanelli

    I love the one holding his upside down! Typical day working with kids :)

Such a neat idea! Straw dispenser turned into a pencil dispenser! Could decorate it to make it nicer!

Funny- They have to leave it on their desk for when they come back...Love this because YEAH RIGHT they really wash their hands on their own in the bathroom every time! Re-pinned for all my teacher friends!