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Thus proving Nine is one of the best Doctors in the universe and all parallel universes!

"Moonwalking With Einstein: The Art Science Of Remembering Everything" book by Jonathan Foer --- The concepts used by the author in this non-fiction book mirror Sherlock Holmes' explanation (and use of) his "mind palace" in the BBC television series.

Moonwalking with Einstein

easy beaded leather wristlet

Beaded Leather Wristlet - How to make a Wire Wrap Loop

I'm sorry if you don't get this.

Twitter / 221_Tea: Regarding my last tweet. My ...

My heart did a fist pump when they said this :)

I will forever laugh at "homo-snack-uals"

Oreos Have Come Out Of The Pantry | WeKnowMemes

It’s A Moriarty! - Inspired by Moriarty (Sherlock) | 31 Flawless Fanmixes For All Your Favs

NightVale Tweets Horoscope AQUARIUS

Scientist in Training by ecokitty on deviantART Dear sweet gods; this is adorable!

Scientist in Training by ecokitty on deviantART