I Love Paris! From prison to transgender role model The annual Pink List named Paris Lees as the most influential lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender figure in the UK. But her rise from being a "silly teenage boy in a prison cell" has been far from simple.

Transgender Rockabilly

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Sharp quickly established a TLBG resource center on campus, then set January 10th for a student government vote on a resolution to be the first school in Texas with gender neutral restrooms. Sharp appears to already have the majority of the votes needed for passage in hand. Sharp says ‘horrific stories’ from transgender students along with a history under serving these students triggered his drafting of the resolution.

Defense attorney: ‘trans victim not in the higher end of the community’ At the sentencing hearing for Rasheen Everett following his conviction of murdering NYC trans woman Amanda Gonzalez-Andujar, defense attorney John Scarpa argued that the victim was a lessor human being. The judge didn't buy it and sentenced the killer to 29 years.

This tiny, rural town loves their transgender mayor.

Indonesian Transgender

Evelyn is my Transgender daughter whom we love unconditionally!

transgender rights poster

Transgender Identities in an Age of Globalization and Colonialism

How can I help support transgender rights? The National Center for Transgender Equality ( ) and the Sylvia Rivera Law Project work to secure transgender rights on a national level.

"PETA’s Fur is a Drag campaign steps over the line" Actually, it's vicious BS that actively perpetuates transphobia.

You can’t smash patriarchy with transphobia.

While crazy haters wax on about the "bathroom bill" to oppose bills aimed at creating anti-discrimination protections for transgender people, this is the REAL bathroom issue - the choice that many transgender people have to make everyday at work and in the community.

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