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Style Files: The Boyf Edition

Inspiring the dude in my life to scrub up and be proud.

Product Detail | H GB


RE: Glasses situation. Take a cue from Graham. Or me :)

$459.00MYR Mao Collar Jacket. Clean, simple lines. I think this is great for casual wear too.

We really should pay Gap a visit. Good sizing there. But not sure about the ones in KL?

Short sleeved chambray shirt. You'll look so good in this. Layer over a white tee and wear with one of your neutral shorts + deck shoes/loafers.

Essential Reading - Part 2

  • Prav Chandra

    Aren't there any shoes with wide fronts? My feet hurt with narrow ones.

timex - Understated and cool. But not for every day, though?

This is a pretty good guide. First article I came across that isn't written like it's for the really fat and/or dumb.

Note the cuffing. Instant polish, no? Also, mini prints!

Chukkas! Also known as the Desert Boot. Looks great in tan or grey. MUST BE SUEDE.

I think DMs do these as well? Not sure.