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Favorite dye-free foods & drinks!

Examples of naturally colored foods and drinks we like to use, instead of foods dyed with artificial petroleum food coloring!

*****SIGN AND SHARE***** my petition asking Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America to #DitchTheDyes from kids' antibiotics, allergy medications, cold remedies, vitamins, and toothpaste! Demand dye-free choices for children's healthcare products!

Natural Rainbow Cake courtesy of www.chocolatecraf...

Natural food dye--India Tree color chart

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Seelect natural organic red food color. No petroleum dyes here.

Maggie's Naturals - Natural Food Coloring without petroleum dyes.

Food dye with no artificial color added

#Donnaruhlman Awesome photo of color in food. Green apple, lettuces, lime, bean.

Brush strokes made from homemade food coloring with natural ingredients such as blueberry, spinach, and turmeric!

Recipes for making homemade food coloring from natural sources. No petroleum dyes here!

Pomegranate, banana, bell peppers. Natural food coloring!

  • Jessica

    What about liquid chlorophyll as a natural food dye?

India Tree sells all natural Food Coloring, made without petroleum dyes.

Rainbow layer cake made with all natural food colorings.

Images of homemade food coloring made from red cabbage, raspberry, carrot, coffee, beets, strawberry, turmeric, spinach, blueberry, saffron, and lemon.

My favorite sinus remedies - Similasan nasal mist, and Boiron Coldcalm tablets.

Seasonal availability of local produce in a pretty graphic.

Naturally colored ice cream and sorbet. Okay, you know they're not healthy, but for special occasions and hot summer days, these are not bad. Raspberry sorbet (Kroger's Private Selection brand) is DIVINE in a tall glass, bathed in fizzy Italian sweet wine, Mom. The bottom vanilla from Whole Foods 365 brand does contain annatto, which is problematic for some kids...

Whole Foods lime Italian sparkling water & Trader Joe's sparkling mandarin orange or lime spring waters. Yum...

We use non-organic 365 brand and/or Cascadian Farms organic jellies. They have 8 and 10 grams of added sugar per 1-Tb serving, respectively (12 grams is the daily recommended limit of added sugars for young kids).

Maranatha organic no-stir peanut butter. Love how easy this is to spread. But watch the 3 grams of sugar per 2-Tb serving (12 grams is the daily recommended limit of added sugars for young kids). And wait for sales + coupons to stock up - it's expensive. You could make your own...

Organic, dye-free chocolate syrup from Ah!laska. Whoa, it has 22 grams of sugar per 2-Tb serving though! Just a Sometimes Treat...