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Words of Wisdom, Inspiration, Encouragement & Comfort

"I remember my mother's prayers …" ~ Abraham Lincoln

"… love thy neighbor as thyself" ~ Mark 12:31

'Open your mouth only if…' ~ Arabic proverb ~

'Success is determined not by whether or not you face obstacles…' ~ Dr. Ben Carson

  • Dorcas Ahotor

    Thank you lord Jesus,for the good times and the gave the strength and wisdom to acquire.its all being taken away from know know my heart and my thoughts.take me,hold me through this chapter and help me come in your hands,God do that which please you.i thank you,Amen

"Compassion is the antitoxin of the soul: where there is compassion even the most poisonous impulses remain relatively harmless" ~ Eric Hoffer

Take a chance • artist: Marla Rae

"Perhaps in receiving we heal others …" • poetry/art: Kristen Jongen on Soul Soup

"Lighthouses don't go running all over an island…" ~ Anne Lamott

"BElieve THEre is GOOD in the World" ~ anon • project & photo: Jen Odegard on her Pinterest Home. board

London 2012 Olympic Team and All-Around Gold Winner! She is so amazing. ♥

"Some people look for a beautiful place…" ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan

"Sometimes it is better to be kind than to be right…" ~ anon

"Let me hear what God the Lord will speak…" ~ Psalm 85:8

"The woman who follows the crowd…" ~ Albert Einstein

"The expert in anything…" ~ Hayes (Rutherford B. or Helen)

"Where God is, there is Love" • Fairford Leys Ecumenical Church in Aylesbury, England • photo: Roger Marks (R~P~M) on Flickr

"You're blessed when you care…" ~ Matthew 5:7 MSG • Image: Adventure Quilter

"The presence of those seeking the truth…" ~ Terry Pratchett

"The best things in life …" ~ Art Buchwald

"Remember happiness is…" ~ Roy Goodman