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Pistons of fury!

Anything that goes 'vroom' in the night.

Ghostly manoeuvres in the dark. [Toyota FT-1]

Toyota FT-1 Graphite

Helm, Warp 9 engage! [Koenigsegg One:1]

Under the cover of darkness, it prowls restlessly in search of the perfect opportunity to strike. [Aston Martin Vantage N430]

Part alien, part feline. Indifference is not an option. [Felino cB7]

Ferrari Red looks very flattering on a Japanese car. Toyota finally sets my pulse racing. [Toyota FT-1 Concept]

The predator is the result of centuries of evolution with one thing in mind: to hunt mercilessly. [Lexus RC-F]

Let the lines between reality and fiction be blurred. [Volvo Concept XC Coupe]

I need an extra pair of wheels to keep me grounded. [Wazuma V8F Matte Edition quadbbike]

Having never been much of a looker, the ugly duckling slowly gained a confident gait. [Lexus LF-NX crossover concept]

We're still considering the possibility of inserting Knight Rider LEDs in the intake up front. [Lamborghini Sesto]

If the past comes knocking at your door, learn from it and make the present the best you can. [Aston Martin CC100 Speedster Concept]

Get enough ground clearance and you'll think you're Air Jordan. [Mercedes-Benz Concept GLA]

Anger wasn't always an agressive feeling. In the time before time, it was the driving force of all emotion. [Maserati Ghibli]

Blue thunder doesn't only strike once. [Subaru WRX Concept]

Barely street legal. [Weber FasterOne]

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a petrol head in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of an Alfa at one point in their lives. I will one day let the fumes of petrol rise to a heady height. [Alfa Romeo 4C Launch Edition]

The unflinching prowler stalked its prey throughout the urban jungle. [Spyker B6 Venator]

The price is poisonous, but then again the looks slowly poison your mind. [Lamborghini Veneno]

And the growling continued in my dreams. [McLaren P1]

Speeding down the French riviera puts a massive grin on my face. [Aston Martin Rapide S]

That'll be a family car with a side-order of "I'm not going to wade into middle-aged langour without a fight", with extra vim and vigour on top. [Audi RS7]