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the eagles

Eagles are large, powerfully built birds of prey, with a heavy head and beak. Eagles normally build their nests in tall trees or on high cliffs. Due to the size and power of many eagle species, they are ranked at the top of the food chain as apex predators amongst the avian world. If you want to become a contributor to this board email me at and I'll send you an invite. You can add other pinners by going to "edit" on the board and sending them an invite!

Bald Eagle. Love the flight angle, incredible piloting skills!

Bringing home breakfast

Bringing home breakfast

Bald eagle by SylvieS on 500px

Our country is lost and struggling to find it's way. Lord help us to seek you first and restore this once great nation. Our blessings have always come from you. Please take us from this dry dusty and place to one with showers of blessings.

Seagull harassing a bald eagle. Seagulls are such assholes

A group of Eagles perch on wooden posts

Wahlberg's Eagle - The Wahlberg's Eagle (Aquila wahlbergi) is a bird of prey. Wahlberg's Eagle breeds in most of Africa south of the Sahara. It is a bird of woodland, often near water. The clutch is one or two eggs. Wahlberg's Eagle is a medium-sized raptor. The plumage is dark brown except for dark streaked grey undersides to the flight feathers, and a barred grey undertail.