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Wingspan - examples and adaptations

Wingspan - examples and adaptations of my garter stitch shawl pattern with many thanks to all the creative knitters who interpreted it in their own way. The pattern is available at

Ravelry: Lavendelfreundin's I'll do it my way A wonderful freeform adaptation.

Ravelry: fibreweb's Swingy Wingspan

Ravelry: fibreweb's Swingy Wingspan

Ravelry: knit4uandme's Winterbeach

Ravelry: knit4uandme's Winterbeach

Ravelry: Mikaelamona's My take on wingspan Staggering by 10 and increasing by 16 so triangles increase by 6 stitches each time - love it.

Ravelry: monzknitz's My take on wingspan

Ravelry: bananaknits' Noro Wingspan Vest Now this is what I call innovative!

Ravelry: bananaknits' Winged Vest

Ravelry: SuzieKnits2's Wingspan in Poems Sock by Wisdom Yarns

Ravelry: SuzieKnits2's Wingspan

Ravelry: Loisthefeline's Wingspan 2 in Knitpicks Felici, colour firefighter.

Ravelry: Loisthefeline's Wingspan 2

Ravelry: Winged's Stochern im (Technik-) Nebel - yet another swing knit example.

Ravelry: Winged's Stochern im (Technik-) Nebel

janie2969's (s-)wingspan 2 Gorgeous colours in this knit swing variation.

Ravelry: janie2969's (s-)wingspan 2
  • Marie Reidy

    beautifl. I am trying to figure out the second triangle.

helensussex's Noro Wingspan - Notes 45 stitches and 10 increases 31 points used safety pins as markers - you only need a couple as you can keep them moving on.

Ravelry: helensussex's Noro Wingspan
  • Zen Soulfire

    The board says the the pattern is free on Raverly, however it is not. free that is. :(

  • Mindi McCarthy

    It was free - and, after going through my ravelry library, I don't see the pattern in it, nor is it in my downloads....wonder where it I'm confuzzled. I'll keep looking and let you know where it is and what I can do to get it to you.

  • Laurie Lemson

    It is now a paid pattern but she said it should still be in your library if you downloaded the free version.

  • Mindi McCarthy

    I just went through my pattern library again and it's not there. I'm glad I printed it out!

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egalaida's Fly! in Paton's Lace

Wingspan pattern by maylin Tri'Coterie Designs

knitngrin's Monowing - in zauberball. The pattern was adjusted by doing yo, K2Tog every 6th row.

Ahotep's .Wingspan knitted in Hjertegarn Kunstgarn colour 11

Wingspan pattern by maylin Tri'Coterie Designs

dini31's Blauer Wirbelwind - this looks like another knit swing to me. Lovely technique enhanced by striking colours.

Ravelry: Wingspan pattern by maylin Tri'Coterie Designs

Handstitch's Ooh, Look at the Litt'l Flutterby! Another Swing Knitting masterpiece - I must learn this technique. Using Amazing by Lion Brand

Ravelry: Handstitch's Ooh, Look at the Litt'l Flutterby!

oskar's Restezacken in Pure Silk DK by Jaeger

belindat's Galactic Splash in Nightfall by FibroFibers

Ravelry: belindat's Galactic Splash

booklassie's Rainbow Wingspan using Kauni effektgarn colour EQ

Ravelry: PurlingPundit's Rainbow's Hope Wingspan

thelema93's more wings 4 me - using Schoppel Zauberball yarn, colourway ‘frische fische’ and for the finishing a Gedifra pailette-yarn.

Ravelry: Wingspan pattern by maylin Tri'Coterie Designs

chatonne's Wingspan - no project notes available.

Ravelry: chatonne's Wingspan

fanneybk's vængir... using Jawoll Magic Degrade by Lang Yarns