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Wingspan - examples and adaptations

Wingspan - examples and adaptations of my garter stitch shawl pattern with many thanks to all the creative knitters who interpreted it in their own way. The pattern is available at

mcchook's Wingspan

Ravelry: mcchook's Wingspan

Ravelry: Lavendelfreundin's I'll do it my way A wonderful freeform adaptation.

Ravelry: fibreweb's Swingy Wingspan

Ravelry: fibreweb's Swingy Wingspan

Ravelry: knit4uandme's Winterbeach

Ravelry: knit4uandme's Winterbeach

Ravelry: Mikaelamona's My take on wingspan Staggering by 10 and increasing by 16 so triangles increase by 6 stitches each time - love it.

Ravelry: monzknitz's My take on wingspan

Ravelry: bananaknits' Noro Wingspan Vest Now this is what I call innovative!

Ravelry: bananaknits' Winged Vest

Ravelry: SuzieKnits2's Wingspan in Poems Sock by Wisdom Yarns

Ravelry: SuzieKnits2's Wingspan

Ravelry: Loisthefeline's Wingspan 2 in Knitpicks Felici, colour firefighter.

Ravelry: Loisthefeline's Wingspan 2

Ravelry: Winged's Stochern im (Technik-) Nebel - yet another swing knit example.

Ravelry: Winged's Stochern im (Technik-) Nebel

Ravelry: onehotbeader's Angel Wingspan, by Machine in Moda Vera Fern - colour rainbow.

Wingspan pattern by maylin Tri'Coterie Designs

janie2969's (s-)wingspan 2 Gorgeous colours in this knit swing variation.

Ravelry: janie2969's (s-)wingspan 2
  • Marie Reidy

    beautifl. I am trying to figure out the second triangle.

helensussex's Noro Wingspan - Notes 45 stitches and 10 increases 31 points used safety pins as markers - you only need a couple as you can keep them moving on.

Ravelry: helensussex's Noro Wingspan
  • Zen Soulfire

    The board says the the pattern is free on Raverly, however it is not. free that is. :(

  • Mindi McCarthy

    It was free - and, after going through my ravelry library, I don't see the pattern in it, nor is it in my downloads....wonder where it I'm confuzzled. I'll keep looking and let you know where it is and what I can do to get it to you.

  • Laurie Lemson

    It is now a paid pattern but she said it should still be in your library if you downloaded the free version.

  • Mindi McCarthy

    I just went through my pattern library again and it's not there. I'm glad I printed it out!

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egalaida's Fly! in Paton's Lace

Wingspan pattern by maylin Tri'Coterie Designs

knitngrin's Monowing - in zauberball. The pattern was adjusted by doing yo, K2Tog every 6th row.

Ravelry: knitngrin's Monowing

Ahotep's .Wingspan knitted in Hjertegarn Kunstgarn colour 11

Wingspan pattern by maylin Tri'Coterie Designs

dini31's Blauer Wirbelwind - this looks like another knit swing to me. Lovely technique enhanced by striking colours.

Ravelry: Wingspan pattern by maylin Tri'Coterie Designs

Handstitch's Ooh, Look at the Litt'l Flutterby! Another Swing Knitting masterpiece - I must learn this technique. Using Amazing by Lion Brand

Ravelry: Handstitch's Ooh, Look at the Litt'l Flutterby!

oskar's Restezacken in Pure Silk DK by Jaeger

belindat's Galactic Splash in Nightfall by FibroFibers

Ravelry: belindat's Galactic Splash

booklassie's Rainbow Wingspan using Kauni effektgarn colour EQ

Ravelry: PurlingPundit's Rainbow's Hope Wingspan

thelema93's more wings 4 me - using Schoppel Zauberball yarn, colourway ‘frische fische’ and for the finishing a Gedifra pailette-yarn.

Ravelry: Wingspan pattern by maylin Tri'Coterie Designs

chatonne's Wingspan - no project notes available.

Ravelry: chatonne's Wingspan

fanneybk's vængir... using Jawoll Magic Degrade by Lang Yarns