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A transparent acrylic paperweight to hold down the pages of a book as you eat and drink while reading... Where has this been all my life???

The Commercial Juicer - Hammacher Schlemmer

LIFE ARMOR | You Get In This Ball In Case Of Natural Disaster | crushproof, floating ball | able to withstand up to 9,3 tons of compressive pressure, and can take a plunge from 25m. | holds four people inside a 1.2m diameter sphere

Quicksmart 3-in1 Diaper Bag

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NEED The AquaZinger is a 20 oz. water bottle with a special compartment at the bottom. Fill it with fruit of your choice, screw it back into the bottle and fill it with water. Then just twist the bottom to crush the fruit and release their juice into the water.

Spoon Scale (I know several people who would love this...)

This self-heating baby bottle warms milk to the recommended feeding temperature in about four minutes with no electricity or cords.

Cool New Product: A handy tray fits into your car's cupholder. This is actually pretty cool. lol

Joy scale... The electronic scale comes with an iPod system. Wonder what you will do with this device? It helps you to enjoy your cooking by listening to your favorite music. The kitchen scale is more than handy because you can measure various things and at the same time, it has an embedded docking station for the iPod. What else do you need to make your cooking more interesting! Get ready to buy one for your kitchen because it comes with a cheaper price tag than you think.

World’s Only USB Flash Drive for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch 4G. Imagine a USB flash drive that not only connects to your computer but also to your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch 4G as well. The HyperDrive iFlashDrive is the easiest way to transfer data between your iDevices and Mac/PC. Price: $199.99

The Tile Finally Gets Device Tagging-And-Tracking Right - follow up to 10 devices (or your purse or TV remote) from an app on your smart phone

This bracelet syncs to your iphone or android. It keeps track of your movements, sleep pattern, calories burned, and even vibrates if you have been sitting still for too long! It can even keep track of what foods work best for your metabolism! A perfect way to keep track of your healthy lifestyle! $99.00. w/o a monthly fee. Cool. :)

Brilliant concept!,

  • John Smith

    This is awesome, the hardest part is getting in & out of the chair. No room for my kids though :(

Crazy..reminder sticky notes to attach to your wrist. Brilliant