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This beautiful cave in Vietnam contains a jungle, is big enough to house a skyscraper, and was only discovered in 2009.

"The spawning season of the firefly squid runs from March to May. During this time, the squid can be seen gathering in large numbers in Toyama Bay in Japan. Toyama Bay lies above a deep, v-shaped canyon in which the sea floor drops away suddenly. The flow of the ocean currents usually wells up from the bottom of this canyon and pushes the squid to the surface.

Digital Art by Justin Van Genderen

a sculpture of 5000 books pouring out of a house in spain

Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA

Trek to Varlaam Monastery, one of the 6 still "active" monasteries of Meteora, Greece. #JetsetterCurator

Phuktal Monastery During Monsoon Season Phugtal Monastery or Phugtal Gompa (often transliterated as Phuktal) is a monastery in south-eastern Zanskar, Ladakh in northern India. Founded by Gangsem Sherap Sampo in the early 12th century, the monastery is a unique construction built into the cliffside like a honeycomb. It located on the mouth of a cave on the cliff face of a lateral gorge of a major tributary of the Lungnak (Lingti-Tsarap) River.

Marketing Events with Social Media

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Social Marketing vs Social Media Marketing