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One pinner said: "I did this for my husband when he was deployed. I sent him off with a big stack of letters that said (when you need Prayer, Love, Laughs, etc)" Love the idea!

Fun (and handy) idea to organize crayons. This person attached the containers (old fruit cups) to a piece of wood, so they can't be seperated, lost or knocked over. Brilliant!

Take glue and water, and brush the inside of mason jars. Adding water to Elmer’s glue helps it brush on easier. Add glitter of your choice to the inside of the jars, and roll/spin the jar around until the glitter coats the sides. Add a tea light after it dries, and voila!

framed scrapbook paper as wall art. cheap and gorgeous!

buy the cheapest throw pillows you like (weight, size, stuffing, etc.) pick your choice of fabric and make you own custom pillows

Fabric Art Wall Hangings - cover top of favorite board game boxes in fabric and hang in basement as "art".

DIY Canvas Art - fabric + canvas = something fabulous!

DIY canvas art to match room decor. Canvas bought online, paint from Lowes, stencil from Michaels. Super thrifty!

DIY canvas art! Paint the bottom of a 2-liter bottle and stamp it on the canvas to make the flower shape. Use black or brown paint to draw the branches. So simple, yet so cute!!!