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I Had a Farm In Africa...

Terrierman's Daily Dose: I Had a Farm In Africa...

Morbid Anatomy: Comparative Anatomy: Animals and the Fundamentals of Drawing Weekend Workshop with Chris Muller, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, May 5 & 6, Observatory

Roadkill ... by Kimberly Witham

When I grow up I am going to live in a warehouse with no windows, eat agricultural waste delivered through a pipeline, poop into a massive lagoon, get neutered without anesthetic and have my teeth and tail pulled off! Don't worry, I'll get to see the outside again when I am between six and 10 months old and have to get on the big metal truck! I wonder if you can feel the captive bolt gun when it smashes your skull into your brain?!

Crystal Palace Dinosaurs ♥

The molera (or "soft spot" of the skull like human babies have) fails to close in 20 percent of Chihauhuas.

Hyena skull. The saggital crest across the top of the brain case is where jaw muscles attach.

Two-headed Russian Tortoise found in the Ukraine

Fur farm, fur farm, get your fashion at the FUR FARM!

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