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Pre-K/K/1/2 Science Lessons And Activities

Science lessons, games, experiments and activities for pre-k/k/1/2nd grades. This is a collaborative board.

2 FREE Science Books for Beginning Readers from TeacherTam on - (8 pages) - FREE! 2 Free Science Books for Beginning Readers. This sample set contains 2 science books for beginning readers. The titles included in this set are: 1.All About Nocturnal Animals & 2.The Planets.

The “ Vertebrate Sorting Cards Activity ” is design to help your students review, reinforce and assess their knowledge about the five classes of vertebrates. During this activity students will read the main characteristics of vertebrates, fill out the graphic organizers using their own words as well as cut and sort each vertebrate group: ( Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds and Mammals) This activity is design for elementary Students. (2-5) by Maggie's Files at teachers pay teachers

Add this ACTIVE GROUP GAME to teach about Vegetables as healthy food choices! Learn how different Vegetables grow! Identify Vegetables as plant parts! Find tasty ways for kids to actually EAT Vegetables! Use the 12 VEGETABLE TEMPLATES as a CRAFT and for game pieces. Learn a funny RHYME for game play. Use the "TALKING POINTS" for age-appropriate veggie info. Try my ideas for a "VEGGIE TASTING PARTY" to make the learning truly MULTI-SENSORY! (10 pages) From Joyful Noises Express TpT! $

Fill in a creative and informative WEATHER POEM, every day! Learn actual CLOUD NAMES! Use descriptive language for CLOUD SHAPES! Suggest good CLOTHING CHOICES for today's weather! Use a list of 12 great WEATHER WORD CARDS. Use the full-page CLOUD TYPES POSTER to have fun with cloud names and shapes. Then fill in the DAILY WEATHER POEM with great kid-created language! Bring some POEM FUN and some RHYTHM and RHYME to your Circle Time! (15 pages) From Joyful Noises Express TpT! $

This presentation explains how food chains work in a way that even young children understand. It introduces the concepts of Producers, Consumers and Decomposers. It explains the role of plants and animals in Earth ecosystems. It has clipart pictures that you can use for other purposes.

Turn your kids into PLANTS, with ROOTS, STEMS, AND LEAVES! Play a GROUP SCIENCE GAME with a 'beat'! Learn about what seeds, roots, stems, and leaves do, with a list of age-appropriate TALKING POINTS. Then make the learning MULTI-SENSORY! Kids will make PLANT CRAFTS cooperatively. When they are decorated as Plants, they will sing a funny SONG and do a "PLANT RAP", just made to be a photo op! I add this to my PLANT UNIT every year! (9 pages) From Joyful Noises Express TpT! $

*** FREEBIE! *** Not a fan of Creepy Crawlies? Then this is not the activity for you! This bug scavenger hunt is an engaging, fun and busy activity suitable for a large group of children. Includes a scavenger hunt recording sheet plus a writing template to record their bug hunting fun!

Did you know that garden snails can have thousands of teeth on their TONGUES?! Come and learn some more about the cheeky gastropods that have been nibbling your veggies! Terrestrial, fresh water and marine snails and slugs are all included in this 26 page ‘fun and facts’ Super Snail booklet...

This resource will help students discover the major groups of vertebrates that exist! Mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fishes! It's very appealing and involving! It's perfect for younger students and Special Education! It has images that you can use in other situations/presentations! Creating those images was the hard part! Enjoy!