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Christian Dior said ''I create so that each and every woman is the most beautiful''. DIOR is the ultimate symbol of elegance, excellence and luxury.

  • Adolie Lay

    Well, it is meant to be black. If you have a closer look at the profile you'll know why. The problem is that the quote with the background will be messed up as soon as Dior pins further pics. Hhhmm ...

  • ChansLau

    aucune image visible et 36550 abonnés le 10déc 2013! quelle est cette plaisanterie?

  • Elizabeth Chesnut

    I love the unique use of the Pinterest boards to spell a quote, but I wanted to follow Dior!

  • Adolie Lay

    I agree Elizabeth, it's creative at first sight but this is it. I miss haute couture and Prêt-à-porter. :(

  • Karen De Nóbrega

    I agree with you girls. I miss Dior Publications on Pinterest

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  • Chic Trends

    Hello Dior! Love your Pinterest but you are uploading blank images! Please correct it soon :)