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A sign promoting zombie preparedness displays in a hardware store in Omaha, Neb.

Michael Mann to head Venice Film Festival Jury.

Better watch it now. The next one is going to be in 2117. June 5-6 transit of Venus across the Sun with an alignment of Earth, Venus and the Sun.

Penguin 337 found in good health. Poor baby. (Image courtesy of Tokyo Sea Life Park)

Gary Connery makes world's first skydive without parachute.

Cannes 2012: Sean Penn and Robert De Niro at the black tie event for Haiti.

Whenever I worry about unemployment, it always cheers me up to remember Alberto Sordi in "I Vitelloni" by Fellini. Lavoratori? :D

File:Alberto Sordi I vitelloni bis.jpg - Wikipedia

Jennifer Connelly, James Woods & Robert De Niro at Cannes 2012 for Leone screening of Once Upon a Time in America.

Ridley recalls shooting Blade Runner (1982): "It felt like a Humphrey Bogart movie. Harrison Ford was doing Raiders. I thought, “If Spielberg and Lucas want him, I’d be insane not to.”

Yes, they are planning a Nights of Cabiria remake, if you can believe it. Unreal.

Of course some smart ass will blame the cheetah for this. What the hell were they thinking, entering the enclosure to take a picture?

The European Space Agency has approved a mission to Jupiter's moons to discover whether fish live under their icy surfaces.