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Liberty's Sandwich Bread Trade Card

P. Schifferl Folk Art Carved and Painted Wood "Uncle Sam" Rabbit Figure, signed and dated "5/20/87," ht. 27 1/4 in.

WWII Dracula Uncle Sam and Bride of Dracula VANT TO SUCK YOUR BLOOOOOD

OLde Uncle Sam..$165.00 Available Sunday Jan 20th 11 am est Direct From Folk Artist Sue Corlett 1897houseprimitiv...

Patriotic Whirlgig Whirligigs are often emblematic of patriotism. All-American motifs, such as Uncle Sam, remain a popular staple with whirligig collectors, who have paid thousands for original pieces at art auctions. The love of the craft has earned the Alfreds a place in gallery shows as well as museum gift shops.

Folk Art Uncle Sam Doll Miniature Patriotic

Scarce Wheatlet Breakfast Food Die Cut Uncle Sam Victorian Trade Card

I am Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam - Union Leader Smoking Tobacco

Auctiva Image Hosting

Uncle Sam Standing Tall post card by Al Dundon