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Wig Cap - Inside Out - Front by tephralynn, via Flickr

Basic Knit Doll Wig Cap pattern by Lynn A. Davis

Hujoo Action Body Review ~To Gear or Not to Gear?~ - YouTube

Tutorial: Mohair Wig with Wig Cap for your BJD

Mohair wig instructions

Mohair wig instructions

Tutorial for making a Doll Wig part 2

Tutorial for making a Doll Wig part 1

Making a fur wig and wig cap for a ball jointed doll (bjd)

DWD Free Pattern # 13 Click Here to Download Fits a large range of Mid-Size BJDs and vinyl dolls

Big Medium Tiny by grannyagc, via Flickr

Ravelry: Free Dress Pattern for Tyler and Ellowyne pattern by Becky Colvin

Ravelry: BJD Crochet Set pattern by Meredith Abshire

DSC05876 by undermost_salamander, via Flickr

Ravelry: BoxHood pattern by Rebekkah Dickson

MSD dress, top and leggings pattern

Cute & Colourful MSD Pattern - Tutorial