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The Frozen Sing-Along Edition will be available on DVD & Digital HD November 18.

Help your kids this weekend complete these fun Frozen Sing-along activities.

Disney Frozen Sing-along Coloring Sheet

Are you going to watch Frozen this weekend?

Make tonight a family night and create a Mama Mary's Gourmet Pizza Crusts pizza and watch Disney’s Frozen on Blu-ray Combo Pack!

  • ❄ Savannah&Georgia ❄

    JENNIFER????? what did u not like this was my all time fav movie

  • Jennifer Polk

    Everybody talked about it like it would be the best movie ever & so i had high expectations & i just didn't like it. It seemed like the bad kinda musical to me

  • ΩΨ brοοκε ΨΩ

    Jennifer I agree with you. It's really annoying. The same thing happened with me.

  • ❄ Savannah&Georgia ❄

    i think the music doesnt annoy me because ipersonaly love music and th songs i feel like w/out music life would be plain and i have many sisters and this was a sister love so i have connections w/this movie and i feel like i've been in the shoes of anna's isolation but id still give my life 4 my sisiters so the sister bond got to me but then again thats just me

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Share this if you have already watched Frozen once this week.

  • Kara Prorok

    Maybe yesterday ❄️⛄️

  • Michelle Zacche

    More like every night before bed since it came out on DVD

  • HU Designs

    Hey Check out for frozen themed birthdays invitations...thank you cards coming soon

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  • Panda Olson

    Didn't load to my iTunes : (

  • ΩΨ brοοκε ΨΩ

    Now everyone is singing Let it Go now. Thanks. I love headaches. NOT! I hate headaches.

  • Panda Olson

    Still doesn't work or load in my iTunes : - ( I paid for nothing. Bummed .... Thanks for reminding me

Have you bought the Frozen soundtrack yet? Download it on iTunes:

  • Ruby Gloom

    Hello, Disney! Where can I find a way to email you? Also, it has to do with something really important to me, so is there any guarantee that you'll read what I send you?

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  • Delina Wille

    any idea's when these will start shipping? Super excited for mine!

  • Raven Mayne

    If i only had the website link i would totally get one

Share if “Let It Go” is still stuck in your head.

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What scene are you watching over and over now that you own Frozen?

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#FunFact: The Frozen filmmakers invited a real-life reindeer to the Walt Disney Animation Studios to observe the animal’s physical makeup. That way they could get Sven just right!

  • Rachel J

    I saw this in the Frozen credits.....the reindeer they used was named Sage! It makes it so much better!

It’s the first day of Spring and you know what that means: Only one more season left until SUMMER!

Frozen is now available on Digital HD on Vudu Movies & TV! Get it now!