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Who are you seeing Maleficent with this weekend?

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Fill in the blank: "Oh dear, what an _ _ .”

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What was your favorite scene in Maleficent?

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“Then don’t come. It’s not your fight.”

Fill in the blank: “Royalty, nobility, the gentry and how quaint ___ ___ ___ .”

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David Lerner Collection for Maleficent

“My aunts said it was an evil faerie. I...I can’t remember her name. They said it was…”

“True love’s kiss? Have you not worked it out yet? I cursed her that way because there is no such thing."

"You will not have the Moors. Not now nor ever!" -Maleficent

"Oh look, the little beast is about to fall off the cliff."

“And in return for saving my life, I am your servant. Whatever you need.” -Diaval

“A grand celebration for a baby."

  • Ruby Gloom

    They called me wonderful, yes they said wonderful, so I said wonderful, if you insist...

Have a wicked Friday the 13th.

What is your favorite quote from Maleficent?

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Repin this if you have seen Maleficent and now know the truth.