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Health & sickness

OTHERS WON’T GET THE PAIN WE LIVE WITH … or even the unexpected joys we may experience. Is this such a bad thing? Do we really ‘get’ what others go through? This devotional takes a fresh look at how some of God’s mysteries in our life are just for us. And that is okay.

Does It Matter When Other’s Don’t Get It?

Costco: KT TAPE? Pro, 3 Rolls

Is Supplemental Magnesium A Surrogate For Thyroid Hormone?

LOVE THIS...! I have a hard time lifting these huge milk jugs and this makes it easy-peasy.. OR I can teach my son to get his own milk! A gallon of milk weighs about 8 lbs. Not good for those with bad shoulders, hands, etc. Getting 2 so I have one for water too on my counter.

Key turner. I have one of these! It may not be necessary for every lock, but some are extra hard to turn, and when I was first diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis it was a necessity. @Lisa Phillips-Barton Copen

another shoe lace solutions

Scrap Trap Bin & Scraper - attaches to any drawer, use it while you are cooking to slide any peelings, shells, etc. Neat!

IMAK SmartGlove with Thumb, carpal tunnel support, wrist pain - pinner says, "I use these while I am on the computer. Really helpful for (RA) hand/wrist pain."

The Anti-Tremor Mouse’s shape and functionally are especially designed for people with motor skill limitations.

This website allows you to combine your own words and a picture. So neat!

Frame a piece of notebook paper, hot glue a bow, wrap with a dry erase marker ... viola! A great way to give someone a note of encouragement for their nightstand and let them change the quote or scripture whenever they want.

Another pinner says: "I am a nurse and one of my patients in the hospital had this basket of candy and treats in their room with a poem attached to it they received as a gift from friends. They called it "Nurse Bait"! The poem was too cute not to share and the nursing staff greatly appreciated it also. This is a good idea for a gift for anyone who is stuck in the hospital. You can read and copy the poem to attach to your basket of sweets to share with the patient and staff caring for them!"

This would be a cute gift for a coworker or friend! This site has labels you can print to look like RX labels. You can put m's or skittles in empty pill bottles then put the labels on them.