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Fat-Quarter: Up and down buttonhole stitch

Embroidery Stitches

rocksea&sarah 绣法_布拉德的淚图片专辑-堆糖网

Cast-On Stitch Rose via NeedleNThread

Stitch Fun: Cast-On Stitch Rose – Needle’

Hungarian Redwork Table Linen

Embroidery In Hand, No Hoop – Needle’

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bullion knot | Sarah's Hand Embroidery Tutorials

Knowing Your Stiches

rocksea&sarah 绣法_布拉德的淚图片专辑-堆糖网

feather stitch

File:Feather stitch2.gif - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Southern Matriarch

ribbon embroidery techniques

Fly Stitch Tutorial


Flower: first came out from the A, B go in, C out (Note that the point of a needle from the right side of the line AB) from the right side of the line AB in the around the live (according to their own preferences around a few times, is a small pimple bigger) , then went back to the right side of the line AB, go find BC with the distance of the new point D from point B (figure E points) out, (I like to be out from the left side of the CD so it looks more symmetrical) repeat. Second flower: it sh

Wheat-ear stich and detached wheat-ear stitch. - It is formed of two rows of spikes with a Chain stitch between. To work, draw three parallel lines as a guide. Bring up the needle on the centre line. Make a Chain stitch. Insert the needle on the right-hand line at the same level as the Chain stitch ; bring it out in the Chain stitch, and draw the thread through. Repeat the same toward the left. The stitch may be worked also with spikes on one side and Bullion stitches on the other.

wonderful tutorial on some different stitches !