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Deva Eldred

Deva Eldred

Just made me cry. This is what I've been struggling with...remembering who I am. I have to remember that my life was amazing before him and it can be amazing after him too. I'm done letting one person take away so much of my happiness. I deserve to be happy.

"ANTI-THINSPO" by dreamoutloud ❤ liked on Polyvore

I'm serious when I say I'm going to dye my hair aqua when I get my PhD in marine biology

Ya it was a little unexpected... Why does everything remind me of you? Why can't I just move on with my life like you did? Why is it so much harder for me then it was for you? Was it really all a joke to you? Bc I don't see where the hilarity comes in, messing with my head and my heart, not cool. And in the end guess what I'm the one that got hurt... Like always...

Bored amazon by Alex Kravchek, via Behance

Sex Positions for Every Room of the House

Don't let someone steal your tenderness.