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Pocket Hole Projects

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Pocket-Hole Joinery: Learn the Basics | My Home My Style eNotes

Kreg Mini Pocket Hole Kit - Video gets a little repetitive, But!! I used it on my first wood project(pub table and chairs). Lets just say Never made anything before wood working wise and this made it a breeze to make. Mark, drill holes, screw together.. project done! And for $20, its not too bad at all. New Favorite toy =D

Drill press based pocket hole jig. Free plans.

Kreg Micro Pocket Drill Guide by Kreg. $44.95. Pocket holes and pocket screws are great for joining work pieces, but sometimes standard pocket holes are simply too big (on thin stock, picture frames, small drawer boxes, etc.). When that's the case this miniature drill guide is ideal. It has a 25% smaller hole diameter and includes a Micro Pocket Drill Guide, Drill Bit and Depth Collar, as well as a Starter Screw Set. Replacement accessories also available individually, belo...

Pocket Hole Joints for joining 2 pieces of wood.

Build a chess table with drawer Make a pine side table using butt joints with simple pocket hole joinery and add a stained chequerboard top

Use the right pocket hole screw for the job. For use with my Kreg jig.

$25 Double Pocket Hole Guide - cheaper Kregg tool alternative

Kreg Quick-Change Pocket Hole Bit Adaper

-Amazon- CMT PPJ-002 Pocket-Pro Pocket Hole Jig Starter Set $65.45

2-1/2'' Coarse Thread #10 Kreg Stainless Steel, 50 Pack by Kreg. $21.95. 100% stainless steel makes these the ultimate exterior pocket hole screws. With no rust or corrosion, they'll hold your garden and patio furniture together indefinitely and look good doing it. They boast all the features of Kreg's pocket hole screws. Self-tapping screw tips make for easy driving. Wide heads boast incredible holding power. Deep-seated #2 square drive heads eliminate ''cam out'', ...