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I Want That

If you're looking for something decidedly different or cutting-edge for those on your gift list, take a look at these products from DIY Network's I Want That.

The Sol Origin survival kit fits in the palm of your hand and contains an array of key survival tools, including a fire starter, 150-lb. nylon cord, compass, flashlight, emergency sewing and fishing kits, and instructions for survival techniques and strategies.

Attractive Outdoor Speakers >>

This mower is better for your lawn, your health, your wallet and the environment.

Just in case the plague makes a comeback, protect your home and family with a zombie garden gnome from DougFX.

Rotoluxe's illuminated planters use low-watt CFL/LED lighting to give off a warm, ambient glow. The lightweight containers are impact resistant and made in the USA from 100 percent recycled plastics.

Paintable beadboard wallpaper by Graham & Brown is easy to paint and easy to remove because of its non-woven backing >>

Rotoluxe's illuminated table uses low-watt CFL/LED lighting to give off a warm, ambient glow >>

Nothing says, man cave like a three-tier beer-bottle chandelier from Barlite >>

Turn any wall into a dry-erase whiteboard with a coat of CRE-8 water-borne paint >>

Insta-Wall: This modular cardboard architectural system can be assembled into freestanding, temporary partitions without hardware, tools or damage to existing structures.

Conceal home audio and video equipment in a whole new way. The Go aWall system doesn't take up any floor space and can hide all your boxes, speakers and wires.

Easy Decorative Details: O'verlays are lightweight fretwork panels that come in several patterns and sizes. They are paintable and easily attach to furniture, mirrors, walls and glass.

The MegaPlex projector from Epson makes big-screen entertainment simple, delivering a home-theater viewing experience from a variety of video or photo sources. Connect it to a smartphone, tablet, PC or gaming device and it projects high-resolution images to any screen or blank wall.

The Spinnaker audio speakers from Edifier are engineered to be visually striking as well as to angle the speaker elements toward the listener to provide a state-of-the-art listening experience.

Are you one of those people who continually flips your pillow throughout the night in a quest for the perfectly "cool" pillow? The Polar Pillow uses an endothermic "cooling" gel that dissipates and transfers heat, allowing the pillow surface to stay cool while you fall asleep.

The Buffer Bit turns an ordinary cordless power drill into a polishing and buffing tool that's ideal for a variety of uses, from auto cleaning and polishing to household cleaning and shoe polishing.

The Foldit Cart from Tipke offers a new take on the standard yard wheelbarrow or carrier. Not only does it fold almost flat for easy storage when not in use, the lightweight design and 20-inch wheels allow you to move as much as 300 pounds of cargo with very little effort!

The RoboReel from Great Stuff redefines the idea of extension cord management with automation and a variety of innovative use, design and safety features.

The SecondWind Alkaline Battery Charger allows you to simultaneously re-charge up to four AA or AAA alkaline batteries — the ordinary disposable kind — in just about 90 minutes.