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Pet Projects

Don't forget DIYs for your furry friends! Check out our favorite projects from upcycled toys to healthy recipes to beds and furniture.

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  • Jaclyn Tynne

    I went to the store and it's actually really expensive to get enough outdoor fabric! You can buy 1 from target for $10.

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  • Peggy Kent

    I love this ideal! It would be easy to do also.


    Sure...for dogs under 20 pounds!!! I would knock that thing right over!

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    Dogs don't need a crate, they need more walks and lap time.

  • Kristin Devocelle

    While I think all dogs need more walks and lap time, there is certainly a place for a crate. Dogs are den animals, and having a place that is covered and cozy where they can always go to feel safe is not a bad thing. My dog spends the majority of time in my lap and sleeps in my bed but when the children are annoying him, there are storms or something scary to him on the tv, that is his safe retreat. It also keeps him safe when we are going to be out of the house for an hour or two.

  • Dee Salamon

    sounds good.

  • Diana

    Totally agree with KD. I leave their doors to their "house" so my indoor dogs feel free to roam or snooze.