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Jan Brett: The Mitten,etc. Book Ideas & Printables

This mitten mini packet includes activities to go along with Jan Brett's The Mitten

The Mitten Packet

The Mitten by Jan Brett is an awesome read aloud for this season. Here are some activities and printables to go along with the book- $2.25

The Mitten Literacy and Math Extensions

Thanks to the adorable graphics available on Jan Brett's site: I was able to design this wonderful FREE packet with all sorts of activities to go with the story.

Speech Everyday: February 2012 the MItten game

Speech Everyday: February 2012

#TheMittenActivities: 80 pages - extend the fun of "The Mitten" story by Jan Brett through these creative and engaging activities. This includes Math and Literacy activities, worksheets, graphic organizers, and more which will help your students meet the Common Core State Standards.

Mitten: Math & Literacy Activities for The Mitten by Jan Brett

Make a paper plate mitten pocket to hold mitten-related work. Graphics c Jan Brett: Since the mitten in the story is white, there's no messy painting involved. Woo hoo!

Activities To Go With Jan Brett's Story The Mitten

FREE printables. Help your students retell Jan Brett's story The Mitten with this mitten story telling slider craft. Grahics cjanbrett at

'The Mitten' Jan Brett - songs and activities

FREE literacy packet for The Mitten. Graphics c jan brett from

Activities To Go With The Mitten II

the mitten act out the story using masks and a large sheet to represent the mitten

This unit was created to be used with the book:The Mitten by Jan BrettSee all that is included in this Story Unit:-3 Pages of Lesson Plans in a... 4.00

The Mitten Book {Emergent Reader}: The sight words included are: the, is, in, my, are, and who. 1.50