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What's the difference between a piano, tuna fish and tub of glue

Get over the hump!

How did they know what I think when I get up in the morning?

This could be a problem

  • Jeff Stock

    You are the cutest thing my eyes have ever seen, you are so sweet that I would like to get you home and play with you all day.

  • Rose Mark

    Taking a look at this photo sends my happy hormones skyrocketing. Believe it or not, I’m intending to have this pet in my pocket and bring it home with me.

  • Sharon Jorgensen

    Saw a story on this. Guy looked out and saw bear approaching sled dogs. Thought He had lost a dog. Bear got down on his front legs like a dog who wanted to play. They played for a while then wandered off. He taped it. Cute.

  • Isabella Ceruzzi

    I wish is hazard a teddy woof