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The Face of Black Men - Neither Super Predator Nor Superhero

Somewhere between the inaccurate and distorted media images of the black male super predator and the black male superhero, live the majority of black men. They are fathers, brothers, doctors, bloggers, editors and accountants. Here are only a few in my life. While they are exceptional to me, they are hardly the exception.

Robert Pierre, while you wouldn't guess by looking at him, Robert has been with The Washington Post for two decades. His commitment to making sure the new tools actually bring new voices into the conversation is impressive. And despite the seriousness of his mission, clearly Robert maintains a sense of humor.

Paul Mitchell, Donald W. Reynolds School of Journalism Recruitment and Retention Coordinator. A Maynard grad and Multimedia Editing Program champion, Paul discovered that being a dad to a daughter brings out a whole new protective side after his twin daughter and son were born a couple of years ago.

George Kelly is the online coordinator for the Bay Area News Group. A member of the Oakland Soft Rock Choir and a karaoke enthusiast, George was one of the first I went to when I was trying to figure out this new fangled social media stuff. @allaboutgeorge is a great guide to this day.

Ron Brown, a management consultant and expert in power, Ron is probably responsible for the success of legions of journalists of color.

Sasha lives down the street from me. He works on cars and and does odd jobs for the neighbors to eek out a living. He insists on rolling out my garbage cans on garbage night and always has a big smile for me. With the neighborhood changing, I worry that the newcomers won't appreciate him and one day there won't be room for Sasha.

Leon Braswell, Director of Admission and Financial Aid at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. While Leon is deadly serious about his job, he has a wicked wit. I don't see him often enough, but I know when I do see him it always means big smiles.

Perry Lang, journalist turned pastor, The executive director of Black Coalition on AIDS, Perry was a witness at my wedding where he also gave a blessing.

Reggie Stuart, under that smiling face lives a will of steal. No matter the obstacle, he will get things done, and in the course of his career he has helped thousands of young and old journalists.

Larry Olmstead, journalist, HR expert and mentor to many, including myself. This husband, father and tennis enthusiast always makes time to teach up and coming young managers.

Mike Frisby. a former Wall Street Journal reporter who now runs his own public relations firm, this married father of two is a gardner, wine enthusiast and generous friend. Best part, he always sends great wine when he thinks you're in distress.

Milton Coleman, past ASNE president and current president of the Inter American Press Association, is a friend and a fellow traveler in the fight for diversity

Doug Mitchell is a teacher, a trainer, a mentor and an innovator. His New U is working to help journalist of color find their footing in this changing industry.

My Uncle Edward. He started his professional career as an educator and went on to become a psychologist. My father always explained that his big brother had two PhDs, one for my uncle and one for my dad.

Haile Girma came into my life when he was our auditor, now he and his wife Marsha are close friends. A husband and father of two, he may be an accountant by profession, but he has the heart and soul of an artist.

John Dotson Jr., Pulitzer Prize-winning publisher and Maynard Institute co-founder. Armed with an exacting intellect, John manages to inspire and scare at the same time.

Bryan Monroe, Editor of, husband and father of two children and one dog, is a good friend and a great person to talk to about everything from politics to technology.

Bob Butler is NABJ VP of Broadcast and was one of the lead reporters in the Chauncey Bailey Project, which is how I really got to know him. It was so impressive to watch this radio reporter teach himself how to be an investigative reporter.

Award winning online columnist Richard Prince. Prince's column, the only one solely devoted to issues around journalism and diversity, appears on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Jimmy Wood, orthopedic surgeon and father of four, also watched over my brother Alex in the wake of our dad's death.

Hal Logan, CEO of BuyBook Technologies, was one of the fathers who stepped in to help guide Alex to adulthood after our dad died.

Walking into Mike Days' office at the Philadelphia Inquirer is like walking into an art gallery. The father of four is a husband, grandfather, newspaper editor and still finds the time to help the Maynard Institute.

Philip Hamilton, amazing musician, great father and one of my best friend's since college.

Christopher Johnson, Oakland Voices coordinator, independent radio producer, aspiring pianist and one fabulous editor. The Maynard Institute is a better place for his wide ranging intellect and I am certainly a better thinker.

Woody Lewis, Web architect, social media strategist, writer, musician and always interesting to talk with, for obvious reasons