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This is a great reading chart to have in any grade, including 4th - 8th grade classrooms! It is a chart that talks about goals students have for their reading and when they achieve different steps they can move up on the poster. I think it would be a great incentive in the classroom for kids to want to read more! I would probably make mine a little more colorful and creative, but I love the idea!

easy fluency practice idea- focus on inflection in voice with punctuation

Rowdy in Room 300: Fluency practice!

Create 'badges' for different can earn a badge when they read in that genre or reach a goal in that genre. Neat idea.

Motivating Literacy: Digital Badges in the School Library

Clip Hall of Fame - Super idea for motivating your students to do their best with a behavior clip chart

Teaching With Love and Laughter: Bright Idea: Clip Hall of Fame

Think Tank...on Monday put a question for the students to answer. They will then write their answer on a fish and staple it to the board. On Fridays go thru the fish and place the ones who correctly answered the questions in the fish bowl. Draw five every couple of weeks and give those students a reward. Works as a great assessment tool to see how the students are doing with various concepts!

Valentines day bags

Paper plate crowns for Valentine's. Perfect classroom activity!