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Crane helping get Charlie up... Onto FOX lot billboard #AngerManagement #CharlieSheen #FX

My Peeps! Rallo, Stewie, Roger, Bart & Louise

FOX Broadcasting Company - FOX Television Shows

#TheWalkingDead: Get off the farm already... falling asleep. @WalkingDead_AMC

  • Christie Temple

    I agree - they need to leave the farm! The farmer people are just annoying. Head back to the city! :)

WoOHOoOO! She's back! Megan Mullally-pop joins Breaking In on Fox! @MegansMadams

The Simpsons: Me and Homer! @HomerJSimpson

True Blood collectible poster

I will always luv Whitney's #IWillAlwaysLoveYou sung by Amber from @Glee

It's on, baby! Idol v Voice -- Idol still ahead last week.

Happy Valentine's Day - New Girl-style!

Alcatraz.. I'll admit it. I'm hooked!

Oh, to be Sue! #glee @glee

My fave Fox family -- the Simpsons at episode marathon!

House: The doctor is in? Not after this season.

The House that Fox built ... closing for good. =\

Ricky Martin on 'Glee' -- Livin' the Glee-da Loca?

spLiSh! SpLasH! if you missed this great Glee ep -- click here

Who's BAD!? have to admit i liked the 'Glee' v. Michael Jackson ep -