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Who's Tappable

Who I'd kai kai on the lanai - who's shaggable, doable, hittable, screwable! Be it their mind, their talent, their looks - these people have je ne sais quoi.

Daniel Day-Lewis ~~the sound of his voice is enough to bring one to climax!

Definately "the Dude"!

Simply STUNNING! Ingrid Bergman ~~ perhaps you know her as Isabella Rossellini's mother!

His genius is intoxicating~~John Lennon

♫ Edge of ♫ Seventeen ~~ I wore shawls the entire summer of 1981 after seeing Stevie!

Uma Thurman and Quentin Tarantino ~~ absolutely. He's brilliant, she's gorgeous!

Lenny Kravitz ~~hell yeah. Since "I just can't get you off my mind", I've been hooked~~~bootleg copy from Kevin L.

Cary Grant and ingrid Bergman. The longest kiss filmed - from "Notorious"

  • Jo Kell

    LOVE!!!!!!!!!! He was one of my very first crushes!

.....he'd have to sing "Wild Horses" during and call me "Angie".

Paul Newman- he is so good looking, it hurts!

Any day, all day long! Robert Redford and Paul Newman