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Web 2.0 for Schools

A collection of Web 2.0 resources that can be used in the school.

Booktrack Classroom - an interesting site/app allows educators to add a soundtrack to any book/text/writing

Been for Education | Gather where you've been together, bookmarking/browsing for collaborative classrooms

PortfolioGen Classroom Accounts - a great site for students to create free digital portfolios in a safe environment

GoAnimate for schools - great safe educational portal for creating animated videos

Google Connected Classrooms - a great way to go on virtual field trips through Google+

Voki Classroom Management System - a great safe way for teachers to integrate voki's into the classroom

Buncee - Content Creation Simplified, ideal for PBL, Blended Learning, or Flipping a Classroom

SimCityEDU - Create & Share SimCity Learning Tools w/ lots of lesson plans aligned to Common Core Standards

Nuskool - for grades 6th - 12th lessons planned around pop culture

BrainRush - a great site for playing and creating flashcard based games.

eduClipper - curate the web and create student accounts for educational sharing of all multimedia content

Class Charts - a nice site for creating customized seating charts as as well as tracking student behavior

Sketchlot - great place to create sketches/drawings w/ students where teachers create student accounts

Youtopia™: - Your Classroom Management and Student Engagement App

Classroom Carrots - Behavior Management through digital stickers

ClassBadges -a fun site for adding badges to your students to encourage student engagement/performance.

Nanoogo - students can create digital portfolios w/ educational portal

Nulu - great site for foreign language teachers w/ educational portal to track students progress/comprehension.

CubertsCube - great site for creative writing for kids 7-12 yrs old

Avatar Classroom - create a classroom in a virtual world, similar to Second Life.

Inklewriter - a great site for creating interactive/choose your own adventure style stories. Teachers have the ability to create student accounts w/ unique username/passwords.

Loupe Education - great site for making collages w/ education portal

Biteslide - Digital scrapbooks for student creativity, self-expression, and imagination

Great site for curating the web.

A great web application for tracking academic and behavioral data.