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First off, she is a genuinely good person. | Why J.K. Rowling Will Always Be Our Favorite Author

Why J.K. Rowling Will Always Be Our Favorite Author

and I quote…delicious ambiguity - Katie the Scrapbook Lady

Jennifer Lawrence

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Leonardo DiCaprio. ok he looks SO ADORABLE HERE

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Brigitte Bardot photographed by Willy Rizzo in St. Tropez, 1958

Mayim on why science is so cool. If you don't find your science classes cool, don't blame science, you probably have an unimaginative teacher. Transfer to another class.

Hedy Lamarr was called the "most beautiful woman in the world" in her day. But what most don't know is that she had the brains to match her beauty, she invented "spread spectrum communications" and "frequency hopping". The U.S. Navy eventually applied this technology to radios used during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and it went on to shape modern technologies such as GPS, Bluetooth in headsets and phones, and U.S. military guided missiles.

Julie D'Aubigny was a 17th-century bisexual French opera singer and fencing master who killed or wounded at least ten men in life-or-death duels, performed nightly shows on the biggest and most highly-respected opera stage in the world, and once took the Holy Orders just so that she could sneak into a convent and bang a nun. TOTAL BADASS!!!


Franklin D. Roosevelt