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Love these number mats for small groups or centers!!

Primary Press: Numbers!!

kids will find dominoes that match each numeral.


Math Coach's Corner: Roll and Cover for 10: Two Versions. Learning combinations for making 10 (ex., 3 + 7, 2 + 8, etc.) is a critical component for building number sense and developing fact fluency. With two versions of this game, students can practice on an abstract level or representational. Grab them for free!

Math Coach's Corner: Roll and Cover for 10: Two Versions

Could do the popsicle stick puzzle with math facts, the sums could be in numerical order to create the right picture. Top 10 Best Crafts for Kids

Top 10 Best Crafts for Kids – Top Inspired

Walk the Plank Game: practicing addition facts to 20- Both players line up cubes, roll dice and add, take the opponent's sum cube. First person to take all of the other player's cubes wins.

Primarily Speaking: A Fun {and Easy} Math Game

113 Graphs (Diagrams and Charts) from Early Childhood Classrooms

113+ Graphs (Diagrams and Charts) from Early Childhood Classrooms

Add some cheer to your classroom while giving your students a valuable math resource! (Also available: matching alphabet posters in either manuscript or D'Nealian!) $

Number Posters 0-20 {Herringbone: Cool Colors}

4 in a row wins! Make 2 sets of math fact cards using different colors for each team. Draw a card, find the answer on the board and cover with card. Whichever team gets 4 in a row first wins.

Mrs. T's First Grade Class: Math Tools

Creative craft with shapes. Make a city or a train or a castle or. Also can cut shapes from felt for the flannel board for repeated picture making.

addition story problem freebie- using many different strategies!!

Rowdy in Room 300: Story Problems!

"I give my students a set of directions similar to this: Using squares, rectangles, and trapezoids, create 2 houses on your paper. Using triangles and rectangles, create 2 trees. Use a circle to create a sun. I have these directions up in the classroom and then I let them create. This is an INSTANT math lesson! Woo hoo! And they are having a ball doing it!"

First Grade Smiles: Math Relay Races -- quick, easy, and FUN way to practice math and the kids LOVE it!