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Ok girls this is so easy! All u do is put the dark color on the outer parts (the inside corner and outside part of the lid), NOT in the middle. Then add the lighter shade in the middle, that's how u get that intensity of color only in the middle! Blend of course. Very easy:)

Homemade Wrinkle Removers That Work

A whole page full of DIY Beauty Recipes including this mega moisturizing lip balm! I've tried out a few of these ideas and they have all turned out great- much better quality and cheaper than anything you can find at the store! Pin now- make later!!

The best e.l.f. products! In case you didn't know, e.l.f. is a super affordable makeup brand that has such a huge selection of products it can be a little overwhelming. Blogger not only lists all of her favorites, but she also talks about why she loves them so much. This is SO helpful. Pin now- stock up on cheap makeup later!!

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DIY Vitamin C Serum. This stuff sells for crazy expensive prices at spas and skincare retailers for it's skin brightening and anti-aging properties.