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Amazing Cemeteries & Gravestones

Marshall Field memorial - The monument, known as Memory, was designed in 1906 by Daniel Chester French and Henry Bacon, who later went on to create the Lincoln Memorial.

Marshall Field memorial | Yelp

Lambs The grave of two young children. Edwards Cemetery, Edwards (Hinds County), Mississippi.

Hoarder gravestone

  • Dawn Solomon

    There's a cemetery outside Moble Al that the whole place looks like that. Like a yard sale in a grave yard. I made my husband stop so I could look around. Never saw anything like it. Think it was even called Strange Fellows Cemetery lol

This shows the dying Louis Brusa being comforted by his wife. He died in 1937 at an early age from silicosis, or "stonecutter's disease." He carved his own tombstone in his dying days.

19th century graveyards sometimes included carved chairs for the comfort of visitors. In this function, the object was known as a mourning chair, and cemeteries have since provided, benches for similar purposes, most often movable units of the type used in parks, but also specimens in the tradition of the carved chairs.

Grave Marker- O. Henry, American author. He died in 1910, of cirrhosis of the liver, complications of diabetes, and an enlarged heart. After funeral services in New York City, he was buried in the Riverside Cemetery in Asheville, North Carolina. His daughter, Margaret Worth Porter, who died in 1927, was buried next to her father.

Grave of Princess Elisabeth of Hesse and by Rhein, granddaughter of Queen Victoria, who died of typhoid at age 8 in 1903. She was buried in a silver coffin given by Tzar Nicholas II.

The Silence of Death, Tomb of Jacob Robles 1849 Marble Père-Lachaise Cemetery, Paris Antoine-Augustin PRÉAULT

Joe DiMaggio's grave

Emily Tennessee Donelson Donelson - Historical Figure. Whitehouse hostess during Andrew Jackson's presidency, consort of Andrew Jackson Donelson.

Grave Marker- Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales. Diana's funeral took place in Westminster Abbey on September 6. Her sons walked in the funeral procession behind her coffin, along with the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Edinburgh, and with Diana's brother, Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer. (More go to: www.thefuneralsou...)

Old Western Burial Ground in Baltimore, Maryland - the burial site of Edgar Allan Poe - Poe is seen frequently here at his grave site on the anniversary of his birth, every October 7th - he is most often all dressed in black and has reportedly conversed with witnesses

Baltimore - Haunted North America

Medgar Evers, Assassinated Civil Rights Hero (The Peace Hat)

Bronze terrier and memorial plate for Dundee Lassie (1912-1931) at Hartsdale Pet Cemetery.

In graceful bas-relief on white marble is the 1923 stone for Silver Prince, a Persian cat at Hartsdale Pet Cemetery.