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Amazing Cemeteries & Gravestones

Oakwood Cemetery in Syracuse, NY

Pipe organ headstone. The one resting in peace there must have enjoyed many years of music playing organ... so much that he or she shared that passion with graveyard visitors.

Oops ~ in a cemetery in Lebanon, Ohio #headstone #tombstone #gravestone #grave_marker

Cemetery photos

Timothy Clark Smith’s grave in New Haven’s Evergreen Cemetery. Smith was a 19th century doctor with an incurable fear, taphephobia — defined as an irrationally morbid fear of being buried alive. Dr. Smith was buried in a specially prepared grave with his face positioned beneath a cement tube that leads to the surface. The 6ft tube ended at a piece of 14×14 inch plate glass allowing Tim to gaze upward towards the Vermont skies...

  • Finding Home Photography

    So cool. And I'm not far from Vermont. I feel a road trip coming on.

  • Rocky Harrell

    And when you get there, what will you do if you find him staring back at you?

  • Finding Home Photography

    Why I'm a photographer. Take pictures of course....then I'll run away screaming...

  • Jennifer Truman

    I have been to this grave many times. Originally there was a bell too. Incase he woke up, he could ring the bell. Apparently it was a time when people were sometimes mistaken for dead. Anyway u can look down in but u can only see a little ways in. All u see is the sides of the tube. Can't see all the way down. The glass has bubbles in it so if you try to use a flashlight, it just reflects.

  • koolkootsz

    nice way to get people to visit your grave....I think?

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Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Concord, MA ~ The gravesite of Ephraim Wales Bull, original breeder of the Concord grape best-known in Welch's grape juice & jam. Bull got little profit from his painstaking work, hence the epitaph "He sowed, others reaped".

Victorian graves in Smuteye, Alabama

Grave Marker Martin Luther King Jr (1 of 2) Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King's tomb, located on the grounds of the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site in Atlanta, Georgia

Mister Ed - Animal Actor. Mister Ed was a Palomino horse officially named Bamboo Harvester and trained by Lester Hilton who also worked with the mules in the "Francis the Talking Mule" movies. Due to old-age ailments, Bamboo Harvester was put to sleep in 1970. The producer of the Mister Ed series never would answer the question of how the horse's lips were made to move. There have been many theories over the years, including the use of peanut butter, but none have been authenticated.

Marshall Field memorial - The monument, known as Memory, was designed in 1906 by Daniel Chester French and Henry Bacon, who later went on to create the Lincoln Memorial.

Marshall Field memorial | Yelp

Lambs The grave of two young children. Edwards Cemetery, Edwards (Hinds County), Mississippi.

Hoarder gravestone

  • Dawn Solomon

    There's a cemetery outside Moble Al that the whole place looks like that. Like a yard sale in a grave yard. I made my husband stop so I could look around. Never saw anything like it. Think it was even called Strange Fellows Cemetery lol

This shows the dying Louis Brusa being comforted by his wife. He died in 1937 at an early age from silicosis, or "stonecutter's disease." He carved his own tombstone in his dying days.

19th century graveyards sometimes included carved chairs for the comfort of visitors. In this function, the object was known as a mourning chair, and cemeteries have since provided, benches for similar purposes, most often movable units of the type used in parks, but also specimens in the tradition of the carved chairs.

Grave Marker- O. Henry, American author. He died in 1910, of cirrhosis of the liver, complications of diabetes, and an enlarged heart. After funeral services in New York City, he was buried in the Riverside Cemetery in Asheville, North Carolina. His daughter, Margaret Worth Porter, who died in 1927, was buried next to her father.

Grave of Princess Elisabeth of Hesse and by Rhein, granddaughter of Queen Victoria, who died of typhoid at age 8 in 1903. She was buried in a silver coffin given by Tzar Nicholas II.