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3rd Grade Math- Anchor Charts/Posters

The Hanleys: 3rd Grade Math- Anchor Charts/Posters

Thinking Blocks - Model and Solve Math Word Problems

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Free! Math Buddy Chat is a step-by-step method for students to solve word problems with a buddy. In this activity, students alternate between working independently and working together as they solve each problem. To make this activity really easy to implement, I created a PowerPoint that you can download and show to your students as you walk them through this 4-step problem-solving method.

Inspired from a TpT product and a co-worker who uses the same method, I made my own version. I made each of my student's a copy and then we blew it up to poster size! We use this DAILY when solving Word Problems!

FREE! This set contains three documents: a classroom poster that depicts the steps of the math CUBE strategy, a classroom poster that depicts the steps of the math UPS Check strategy, and a page that contains both strategic reminders on one page (suitable for giving to students). All pages print on 8.5" x 11" sheets of paper. All documents in this set have yellow polka dot borders.

Kid Created Problem Solving

Classroom Freebies Too: Kid Created Problem Solving

Math Problem Solving Posters $5.00