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DIY Water fountains

Interesting Garden water features

Interesting Garden water features

DIY Under a Hour Brand New Outdoor Fountain ! (From Repurposed Finds )

Hometalk :: Home Improvement Ideas, Photos and Answers

Decorative Water spouts - beautiful!

Landscape Ideas and Garden Design Pictures, Remodels and Decor

Spruce up Your Outdoor Space with a DIY Recirculating Fountain! (tutorial)

Make a DIY Recirculating Fountain

How to Make A Garden Fountain

How to Make a Garden Fountain - Tall Clover Farm - DIY
  • Jane Howard

    It would be really nice to get a water fountain to put in my backyard. I was look online for some unique outdoor vintage water fountains and there are a lot of great ideas. I think it would add a lot of culture to my backyard if I got a water fountain.

Here is a great, 1/2 day DIY project that looks amazing. Put in a disappearing fountain. Find a suitable sized pot and a location. Get a small basin from a home improvement store or your local nursery and dig a hole 2 in" larger than the diameter of the basin. Make sure it is level and backfill with the dirt from the hole. Get an inexpensive connection kit and a small pump. Place the pot on a cinder block, check for level, assemble the connection kit to the pot and the pump, fill w/water, enjoy!

DIY rock water fountain for the patio... I can do something like this in the bird bath

Diy Zen Like Patio Fountain | Shelterness

DIY Dog Water Fountain Seeing that dog is man’s best friend, it’s only right that we do our best to keep our best friend equipped with all the latest gear and gadgets for pet. #dogs

Necessary Coolness
  • Karen Cooper

    I have looked at all the locations listed and can't find this one anywhere. Suggestions???

DIY Bucket Water Fountain Easy, easy, easy, and all for less than $30! A simple water pump, some river rocks, some water lettuce, and voila, you have a water fountain.#Pin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

An idea for a shady spot in your garden: fountain, astilbe & hostas. Dig a hole, line with thick plastic, 2 cinder blocks hold up the rock. Buy a rock with a hole already drilled. Pump is hidden in the back under the water in an orange home depot bucket. Clear plastic tubing runs from pump up to the top of the hole. Plug pump in a timer. Line inside and outside with flat rocks. Cover electrical with mulch. Voila DIY fountain. (except the rock, need a bobcat to place on cinder blocks.)

DIY Fountain Project: Buy the rock, select a bowl, stain the bowl, install pump, prep the area, bury the electric, arrange the rock, fill with water. Sit back and enjoy the sounds...

Affordable DIY Fountains for Your Landscape Within just a couple of hours, you can add the beautiful sight and sound of running water in your landscape. A small...

Affordable DIY Fountains for Your Landscape

How To: Building A Deck Fountain A super-easy water fountain and pond -- complete with fish -- for a deck or patio. YES!!!! But i promise, I won't be paying anywhere *near* 1k. I'm a DIY gal! :)