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Leopard print heart,i wanna turn this into a diabetes awareness tattoo! love the outlined heart

Type 1 Diabetes tattoo- ribbon, date diagnosed, lily to represent inner strength & healing

Diabetic Tattoo Type one by ~pinkminkink on deviantART

Diabetic Tattoo Type one by pinkminkink on deviantART

Glucose-sensitive nanosensor - could be implanted into the skin like a tattoo and be used as an in vivo glucose monitor for diabetic care. The nanosensor could also track ions like sodium. In development by the lab of Heather A. Clark, Northeastern Univ.

Diabetic Tattoo

Diabetes and Tattoos??

Diabetic Tattoo Type one by ~pinkminkink on deviantART

Diabetic Tattoo Type one by pinkminkink on deviantART

Type one diabetic idea in case of emergency!

Diabetes tattoo

DiabetesAdvocacy... Tattoos

Diabetic tattoo - I would love to have this on my wrist

diabetic tattoo ink - Google Search

Tattoos Illustrate Art of Saving Lives

Diabetes tattoo for my diabetic son ♥

Diabetic tattoo #Diabetes #tattoo

7 Amazing Diabetes Tattoos!

I asked my sister to draw her own Diabetes ribbon. I got it tattooed the same day. It's a constant reminder of who I am.

My latest tattoo. The red ribbon is for diabetes awareness. On the top the line are the initials F.D.G for my grandpa who died from diabetes.

Love this but I would add the Diabetes ribbon. My awareness ribbons tattoo. Purple- Lupus & Alzheimer's awareness. Orange- Leukemia awareness. Red/Blue- Congenital Heart Defect awareness. Yellow- Support Our Troops. Pink- Breast Cancer awareness. Each ribbon for special people in my life ♥

My new tattoo with the gray diabetes ribbon as the body...

AND My new juvenile diabetes awareness ribbon tattoo in honor of my brother. Just a small reminder that if I can be half as strong as he is, I'll do just fine

Autism and diabetes awareness ribbons in an infinity symbol -- tribute tat

Tattoo for my grandmas- one breast cancer fighter and one has passed on- she struggled with diabetes for years. In my thoughts and memories, never leaving my heart. They are infinite.